Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still Looking for Infrastructure Administrator for GE-CIRT

Two months ago I posted Information Security Jobs in GE-CIRT and Other GE Teams. I've almost filled all of the roles, or have candidates for all roles in play, with the exception of one -- Information Security Infrastructure Engineer (1147859).

We're looking for someone to design, build, and run infrastructure to support GE-CIRT functions. As you might expect, we don't need someone with Windows experience. Beyond Unix-like operating systems, we are interested in someone with MySQL experience. You must be a US citizen who lives near our Michigan AMSTC or can relocate on your own cost.

If you are interested, please visit www.ge.com/careers and apply for role 1147859. Thank you.

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bsdwiz said...

relocate on your own costs? what is this world coming too?