Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last Chance for TCP/IP Weapons School 2.0 in Las Vegas

Yesterday I returned home from teaching TCP/IP Weapons School 2.0 in Barcelona for Black Hat. I'd like to thank Black Hat and my students for a great class. I believe the current format, which is a mix of methodology, labs, and answering whatever questions the students have, in about 15-20 minute spontaneous presentations, is working really well. I plan to retire the current cases this year, and develop TWS3 with new cases for teaching in 2011.

My last class of the year will be at Black Hat USA 2010 Training on 25-28 July 2010 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV. I will be teaching two sessions of TCP/IP Weapons School 2.0, one on the weekend and one during the week.

Registration is now open. Black Hat has four remaining price points and deadlines for registration.

  • Early ends 1 May

  • Regular ends 1 Jul

  • Late ends 22 Jul

  • Onsite starts at the conference

Seats are filling -- it pays to register early!

If you review the Sample Lab I posted last year, this class is all about developing an investigative mindset by hands-on analysis, using tools you can take back to your work. Furthermore, you can take the class materials back to work -- an 84 page investigation guide, a 25 page student workbook, and a 120 page teacher's guide, plus the DVD. I have been speaking with other trainers who are adopting this format after deciding they are also tired of the PowerPoint slide parade.

Feedback from my earlier sessions was great. Two examples:

"Truly awesome -- Richard's class was packed full of content and presented in an understandable manner." (Comment from student, 28 Jul 09)

"In six years of attending Black Hat (seven courses taken) Richard was the best instructor." (Comment from student, 28 Jul 09)

If you've attended a TCP/IP Weapons School class before 2009, you are most welcome in the new one. Unless you attended my Black Hat training in 2009, you will not see any repeat material whatsoever in TWS2. Older TWS classes covered network traffic and attacks at various levels of the OSI model. TWS2 is more like a forensics class, with network, log, and related evidence.

I plan to retire TWS2 after Vegas this year and teach TWS3 in 2011, if Black Hat invites me back.

I recently described differences between my class and SANS if that is a concern.

I look forward to seeing you. Thank you.

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