Review of Professional Penetration Testing Posted just posted my three star review of Professional Penetration Testing by Thomas Wilhelm. From the review:

I had fairly high hopes for Professional Penetration Testing (PPT). The book looks very well organized, and it is published in the new Syngress style that is a big improvement over previous years. Unfortunately, PPT should be called "Professional Pen Testing Project Management." The vast majority of this book is about non-technical aspects of pen testing, with the remainder being the briefest overview of a few tools and techniques. You might find this book useful if you either 1) know nothing about the field or 2) are a pen testing project manager who wants to better understand how to manage projects. Those looking for technical content would clearly enjoy a book like Professional Pen Testing for Web Applications by Andres Andreu, even though that book is 3 years older and focused on Web apps.

This is my 300th book review. I wish I had planned the review schedule such that I reviewed a five star book for number 300.

I reported my 200th book review for Building an Internet Server With FreeBSD 6 in August 2006.


Nope said…
I had purchased that book with expectations of catching up on some new techniques, and was somewhat disappointed. Its a well written book, but as you say the technical detail is very lacking.

Wish I'd seen your review beforehand.
higB said…
I've met a lot of professional pentesters who cant construct a proper email, get a status update out on time, or never read the SOW. Maybe this book is more needed than people know. ;)
MPayette said…
I am a beginner in pentesting and I have bought this book too.
I was looking for technical details (for operational use). I was very disapointed.

Is there any good technical books regarding network pentesting?
Anonymous said…
I've looked at you lists on amazon are there any updates to these list ? Some of the recommendations seem quite dated.
Yeah, I need to review those recommendations and update them.
Smith said…
Hey Richard Bejtlich,Thanks for sharing your views ,I am a beginner in pen-testing and I have bought this book too,but i am very much disappointed with it, for more information on Penetrating Testing check this link

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