Happy 7th Birthday TaoSecurity Blog

Today, 8 January 2010, is the 7th birthday of TaoSecurity Blog. I wrote my first post on 8 January 2003 while working as an incident response consultant for Foundstone. 2542 posts (averaging 363 per year) later, I am still blogging.

I don't have any changes planned here. I plan to continue blogging, especially with respect to network security monitoring, incident detection and response, network forensics, and FreeBSD when appropriate. I especially enjoy reading your comments and engaging in informed dialogues. Thanks for joining me these 7 years -- I hope to have a ten year post in 2013!

Don't forget -- today is Elvis Presley's birthday. Coincidence? You decide.

The image shows Elvis training with Ed Parker, founder of American Kenpo. As I like to tell my students, Elvis' stance is so wide it would take him a week to react to an attack. Then again, he's Elvis.

I studied Kenpo in San Antonio, TX and would like to return to practicing, along with ice hockey, if my shoulders cooperate!


Trace said…
Happy birthday.I
i like very much this blog.
Laura Chappell said…
Happy Birthday!

Oh... and a billion years ago my brother studied with Ed Parker! And my friend's ex-hubby was Elvis' bodyguard - another coincidence perhaps?

Have a great one!

Chris Polk said…
Keep it up Richard.
Its great stuff.

also come back to Australia soon.
Grady said…
Congratulations. Are "blog years" measured sort of like "dog years"? If so, TaoSecurity is a senior citizen! It's certainly defying the averages to keep compelling content coming 350+ times per year (http://www.caslon.com.au/weblogprofile1.htm). Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations and thank you very much, Richard for sharing your knowledge and thoughts in this blog.

Another Loyal Reader
John Ward said…
Wow... hard to believe BATC was that long ago. Makes me feel old :|

Thanks for the blog Rich. Keep writing.

P.S.: not sure if it will help, but try P90X for your shoulder. Sounds strange, but it helped with my constant knee and neck issues. Don't know the physical reasons, but it helped in my case. I'd love yo see you at the Vegas camp one year.
Zul said…
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Jack Crook said…
Congratulations Richard. I'm an avid reader and a big fan.
Horadrim said…
Happy Birthday, TaoSecurity ;)

Hope that i can read here in 7 years, too.

Best wishes,


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