Thursday, July 02, 2009

Review of Hacking Exposed: Windows, 3rd Ed Posted just posted my four star review of Hacking Exposed: Windows, 3rd Ed. Better late than never! From the review:

I've been reading and reviewing Hacking Exposed (HE) books since 1999, and I reviewed the two previous Windows books. Hacking Exposed: Windows, 3rd Ed (HEW3E) is an excellent addition to the HE series. I agree with Chris Gates' review, but I'd like to add a few of my own points. The bottom line is that if you need a solid book on Windows technologies and how to attack and defend them, HEW3E is the right resource.

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Oldcommguy said...

Richard - This is the real world and it is only going to get nastier. The NSA plan is to start with the AT&T network using an extension of Carnivore (started by the FBI in 2003 but an NSA tool and Echelon is the "New" version also Packeteer and Coolminer - all part of DragonWare for reconstruction)and will look at the Internet Exchange points (IXP)and some reports say they have been testing a new system for this. Interested reading , this is an old report but I have not found a newer version-
The big thing is that most of the Internet worldwide traffic comes through the US so they want to monitor as much foreign traffic as possible. It is happening and it will only get deeper. Graet predictions on your part. We also cannot forget CALEA now the "Lawful" intercept process! Maybe and matbe NOT!