Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Issue of Linux+ Magazine Posted

A free issue of Linux+ magazine is available -- look for the link to "Free Issue: Linux in Mission Critical". It's 68 pages of Linux information, for free!

Richard Bejtlich is teaching new classes in Las Vegas in 2009. Late Las Vegas registration ends 22 July.


LLC said...
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Anonymous said...

how much do you get paid to link to these "free" e-zines? Maybe disclosing having to give away your e-mail address is a good idea next time.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous you have a few options.

1.) By now you should have created an email address for situations like this.

2.) If you don't already have a disposable email address, you can use something like which makes it even easier.

3.) I don't even think you have to type a valid email address to get access to that PDF.

Hope that has helped anyone like Anonymous who is new to the Internet.

Anonymous said...

ouch, you sure gave it to anonymous anonymous!

Anonymous said...

wow anonymous, you are an anonymASS kicker.

Richard Bejtlich said...

First anonymous: I get paid the same rate I get for every blog post: $0.