Review of OSSEC HIDS Guide Posted just posted my five star review of OSSEC HIDS Guide. From the review:

I'm surprised no one has offered serious commentary on the only book dedicated to OSSEC, an incredible open source host-based intrusion detection system. I first tried OSSEC in early 2007 and wrote in my blog: "OSSEC is really amazing in the sense that you can install it and immediately it starts parsing system logs for interesting activity." Stephen Northcutt of SANS quotes this post in his foreword to the book on p xxv. Once you start using OSSEC, especially with the WebUI, you'll become a log addict. OSSEC HIDS Guide (OHG) is your ticket to taking OSSEC to the next level, even though a basic installation will make you stronger and smarter.

I'm not kidding about the log addict part. I find myself obsessively hitting the refresh button on my browser when viewing the OSSEC WebUI, even though it refreshes itself. Sad.


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