Watches BGP Announcements for Free

Thanks to Jeremy Stretch's blog for pointing me to, a free route monitoring service. This looks like a bare bones, free alternative to Renesys, my favorite commercial vendor in this space.

I created an account at and decided to watch for route advertisements for Autonomous System (AS) 80, which corresponds to the network my company operates. The idea is that if anyone decides to advertise more specific routes for portions of that net block, and the data provided to by the Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE) Routing Information Service (RIS) notices the advertisements, I will get an email.

I noticed that RIPE RIS provides dashboards for the prefix or AS 80 with interesting data.


James said…
an email? hopefully not to your Company email account, that would not work so well if someone else is advertising a more specific route:)
Anonymous said…
Is that a prefix in your pocket or are you.. ..

RIPE also have a service called MyASN which provides similar functionality off the back of their RIS data.

I've found the alerting to be troublesome in the past for what we want to do. So thanks for the headsup on BGPmon.
Hi James,

It's going to an off-company email.
Anonymous said…
yeah. that's going to be an off-company e-mail...
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the info nice blog subcribed to your Rss feed....

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