First Issue of BSD Magazine Released

I received a copy of the new BSD Magazine yesterday by air mail from Poland, and I have to say it looks pretty cool. It contains an article I wrote explaining how to install Sguil 0.7.0 on FreeBSD 7.0. At the time I used a CVS version of Sguil and FreeBSD 7.0-BETA4, but the article is still relevant.

One caution: I discovered a bug in MySQL, which I logged as Optimizer does table scan for select count(*) w/5.1.22, .23, not 5.0.51, 5.1.11. You will encounter this bug if you follow the instructions in my magazine article. The work-around is to use MySQL 5.0.51a instead of 5.1.22, as shown in the magazine.

Dru Lavigne does a nice job detailing the magazine's table of contents.


Anonymous said…
Looks great, I wish I could subscribe to it! I could not enter my (slightly unusual) address correctly, and it would not allow me to change it, so I abandoned. Pity.
Unknown said…
Hello anonymous:)

What was the problem with you address?

Please contact us directly and I am sure we'll be able to solve your problem:)

Karolina LesiƄska
BSD Product Manager

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