Friday, April 11, 2008

BusinessWeek on The New E-spionage Threat

I'd like to head off any more messages to me telling me to look at the following: The New E-spionage Threat, the cover story for this week's issue of BusinessWeek. I recommend also listening to the podcast, which is 18:23 long and a good resource for decision makers with iPods.


Rob Floodeen said...

Richard, I need a little more time to think on the subject but my initial thought is that this is a poor document that should probably not be passed to decision makers.

A solid white paper that might refernce the BAH incident would be a better put. Duno, I might change my mind... I will also listen to the podcast and see if that changes anything.

Anonymous said...

"...a good resource for decision makers with iPods" should probably read "...a good resource for decision makers that want to listen to the content on their computer or portable media player". I say this because a previous manager told me to buy him an iPod to listen to podcasts. When I asked where he was going to listen to the podcast, which was on his computer, I showed him how the default media player software could be used to listen to the mp3. He also has a windows mobile phone that would play the mp3's and I showed him how he could use that too.