Snort Report 6 Posted

My sixth Snort Report -- Output options for Snort data has been posted. From the introduction:

Output modes are the methods by which Snort reports its findings when run in IDS mode. As discussed in the first Snort Report, Snort can also run in sniffer and packet logger modes. In sniffer mode, Snort writes traffic directly to the console. As a packet logger, Snort writes packets to disk in Libpcap format. This article describes output options for IDS mode, called via the -c [snort.conf] switch. Only IDS mode offers output options.

This is the first of two Snort Reports in which I address output options. Without output options, consultants and VARs can't produce Snort data in a meaningful manner. Because output options vary widely, it's important to understand the capabilities and limitations of different features. In this edition of Snort Report, I describe output options available from the command line and their equivalent options (if available) in the snort.conf file. I don't discuss the Unix socket option (-A unsock or alert_unixsock). I will conclude with a description of logging directly to a MySQL database, which I don't recommend but explain for completeness.

In the next edition I will discuss Barnyard.


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