Sunday, May 27, 2007

4000 Helpful Votes at

Last week the "Helpful Votes" count for my reviews reached the 4,000 count. I hit 3,000 in January 2006 and 1,500 in December 2003. Since reaching the 3,000 mark I've read and reviewed 55 additional books. Thank you to everyone who votes my reviews "helpful."

If you want to see what I have on my shelf and plan to read next, please check out my reading list. If you want to see the books I hope to see soon, please visit my Wish List.

If you want general recommendations read my Listmania Lists. In 2005 Bookbool published my favorite 10 books from the past 10 years.

My reading pace has slowed since becoming an independent consultant and father of two, but I try to read when flying hither and non.

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