Sunday, May 27, 2007

Reminder: Early Registration Ends Soon for Bejtlich at SANSFIRE 2007

I'll be teaching a special one-day course, Enterprise Network Instrumentation, at SANSFIRE 2007 in Washington, DC on 25 July 2007.

ENI is a one-day course designed to teach all methods of network traffic access. If you have a network you need to monitor, ENI will teach you what equipment is available (hubs, switch SPAN ports, taps, bypass switches, matrix switches, and so on) and how to use it effectively. Everyone else assumes network instrumentation is a given. ENI teaches the reality and provides practical solutions.

Please register while there are still seats available. My class is the day before all the six-day tracks begin. If you register before 6 June you will save $250. If you register by 27 June you will save $150. If you take this one-day class with a full SANS track my class only costs $450. Please note SANS set all of these prices and schedules.

This is the only time I'll be teaching this class in 2007. Thank you.

Update: I cancelled the class. If you want reasons please email me privately. Thank you.

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