Two Prereviews

Two publishers were kind enough to send new books last week. I plan to read and review both early next year. The first is McGraw-Hill/Osborne's Hacking Exposed: VoIP by David Endler and Mark Collier. The best Hacking Exposed books introduce a new technology, then demonstrate ways to break it that a reader can duplicate. I like seeing new HE books on specific issues, rather than having everything rolled into a single book. The second is Syngress' Wireshark & Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer Toolkit by Angela Orebaugh and friends. This looks like an updated edition of 2004's Ethereal Packet Sniffing, which I really liked. Jose Nazario's review gave it four stars, partly due to editing problems. I plan to read this book and let you know what I think.


Anonymous said…
I was hoping a HEVoIP Amazon review would pop up over the holiday season. These books are definitely on my 07 wish list.

Have you put any more thought toward the TCP/IP Weapons School text?

Anonymous said…
I asked for the HEVoiP book for Christmas from my wife. Gotta love a wife who will feed a geeks need to read.

I am so ready to bust into this book. :)
Anonymous said…
Mrs. Wright gets an A+ this holiday season!

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