Signs of Desperation from Duronio Defense Team

It sounds to me like the Duronio defense team has nothing left in its tank, so it's attacking Keith Jones directly. The latest reporting, UBS Trial: Defense Suggests Witness Altered Evidence, shows how ridiculous the defense team sounds:

"So when you talked about putting pieces of the puzzle together, you were missing three-quarters of the pieces for the [central file server] alone?"" [defense attorney] Adams asked.

"The puzzle pieces I had to put together formed the picture I needed," Jones replied. "If the puzzle was of a boat, then I had enough pieces to form the picture of the boat."

Adams countered, "But you might not see all the other boats around it."

Jones replied, "But the second boat won't get rid of the first boat. It's simple mathematics that when you add data, you don't subtract data. There was nothing in that data set that could remove the data I already had."

It sounds like Keith has more testifying in store for next week. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
I had the opportunity to be involved in this case prior to indictment (can't say for whom but it was in the capacity as a forensics advisor, and I do not work for @stake or Foundstone). Needless to say the state evidence against Duronio has been strong from the beginning, not to mention that he is (and has been) the only suspect. Computer evidence aside, the SEC evidence against him (placing short options just prior to the attack, but AFTER he ended employement with USB) is fairly damning in and of itself.

The defense is trying the same basic strategy for deflecting the testimony of any expert witness. Attack his methods, attack his knowledge, attack his motives. This used to work years back but the courts seem to have wizened quite a bit. Keith appears to just do what is necessary and speaks from experience...having seen such strong evidence against Duronio, he knows the most important thing is to appear unbiased and professional (and what a great job he is doing). Kudos to Keith for once again bringing our profession into the spotlight.

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