Sguil Makes 2006 Top 100 Security Tools List

Fyodor of Nmap fame has posted the results of his 2006 survey of security tools. Fyodor posted the results at his new site On page 4 you'll find Sguil listed as number 85 out of 100. Unfortunately, BASE beat out Sguil at number 82. Another personal regret is seeing Argus listed after BASE at number 83. The next time Fyodor asks for suvery participation, I will have to respond!

Although the top 100 results are useful, some of the sub-categorization makes little sense. Sguil is listed in the Traffic Monitoring Tools subsection, along with Solar Winds and Nagios (?!?). The Intrusion Detection category lists BASE but not Sguil, along with Fragroute and Fragrouter (?!?). Bizarre.

Regardless, I recommend security pros familiarize themselves with all of the tools in the top 100. It makes for great discussions during job interviews, either as the employer or prospective employee.


Anonymous said…
Doh! I never heard about this survey!
Anonymous said…
Not sure why you regret the positioning of SGUIL versus BASE. I find the later totally essential for one reason: no gui!. I want web based administration. I'm actually amazed at how popular sguil is.

Ah... heh, I see SGUIL quotes you on their main page. :)

On Nagios, it can do network, server, temperature, refrigerator monitoring, so its category is sensible.

B. Basgen
If you want to sort Snort alerts in a Web browser, BASE is great. If you want to use Snort alerts as one possible beginning of a network security investigation, Sguil is essential.

I have been involved with Sguil before Sguil existed. :)

Nagios does not inspect network traffic the same way Ntop, Ngrep, Argus, etc. do. Network traffic monitoring != service monitoring.
Anonymous said…
I love Nagios and have been using it for years (since the NetSaint days), but it doesn't belong on a security list. Sguil on the other hand, despite it's bugs, makes a lot of the other tools more useful.
Anonymous said…
The list is biased towards attack tools. If fragroute is listed under Intrusion Detection, to an attacker that category might mean "avoiding intrusion detection".
C.S.Lee said…
Anyway that survey result relies on the popularity > functionality. So it should be called Most popular Netowkr Security Tools instead of Top * Network Security Tools.

By the way, BASE offers web-gui, I wonder what people call if that's not 'gui'.
Joel Esler said…
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BASE and Sguil do not share the "same functionality." Sguil is not a log reviewer; Sguil is not a SIM/SEM. I've written about this many times so that's all I'll say here.
Anonymous said…
That's a good survey. Most of the top ten tools are already in backtrack. But they should survey well before they post the result.
Anonymous said…
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