Help with Site Redesigns

I built the existing and Web sites with with Nvu. I would like to redesign both sites, but I am not sure how to proceed. I approached one company and they told me they design sites using Wordpress. Another uses Joomla. I am not comfortable using PHP given some of the recent security problems I've seen. I'm not sure I want/need a database on the back end either.

I have a feeling that I could use a nice style sheet from Open Source Web Design and continue to use Nvu to generate static HTML. Does anyone have any comments on this?


Anonymous said…
Richard, try using black or grey backgrounds. Easier on the eyes.
Anonymous said…
Another good site to look at for style sheets is csszengarden. There's some really amazing stuff there.

Anonymous said…
If you want client-side CMS features - without hosting PHP on your server - you can look at Bricolage
Anonymous said…
I wish I could help ya here, but I have to admit I design any of my own pages by hand with Notepad or UltraEdit.

I will say though, having no back-end database is wise, especially if you just don't need t (I don't use them, usually). In addition, if you don't use a database, php isn't such a bad tool. You likely won't have any input fields, which greatly minimizes the need for fancy php modules and minimizes your exposure.
I like Bricolage already (it's in the ports tree). :)
Anonymous said…
How about using Ruby on Rails. It doesnt require a database and also has a ton of built in functionality for Ajax.
Anonymous said…
I've you're comfortable with java you might want to check out the free edition of Jahia @
Anonymous said…
Python is quick, easy and safe...check out TurboGears or Django - both very good, each suiting a different style of developer.
John Ward said…
1 suggestion, hire a professional.

It has nothing to do with tools or "wiken mad c0derz s/<1ll5", its about presentation and functionality. And since the TaoSecurity site is pretty much an electronic brochure advertising your business, what you need is a graphics designer/artist. No tool, no matter how feature filled, is going to replicate good artistic talent.

While I can do all the backend server coding, client side Javascripting in Ajax, or whatever the buzzword of the moment is, the reason I don't design web pages is because I lack artistic talent. I refer to individuals who do have talent.
Anonymous said…
I would absolutely avoid building a static website.

Even if your site is just an electronic brochure, updates are immensly less a burden when the site is run by a lightweight content management system. I started to build that kind of sites with the help of Textpattern (open source, LAMP based) after several years of manually managing all the links, menus, file names and the like. It is a major relief to get rid of that ballast.
John Ward said…
I would only consider a CMS in the site recieves consistent updates. In the case of Taosecurity, the only things that would really recieve regular updates. In this case, only the Events and Press section would recieve those, and I doubt they would update often enough to warrent the added layer of complexity. A CMS only adds another avenue of possible vulerabilities. Its kind of hard to introduce that kind of vulnerability with static pages that get updated once or twice in a 3 month period, if even that. It'd be embarassing if a security consultants web site got hacked or defaced due to the CMS system implemented for the once a month updates in the events section of the site.
Anonymous said…
Why you afraid Joomla. I think it's optimal for such sites.

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