Friday, July 16, 2004

The Tao of NSM Is Published!

My wife found a copy of my book left in our garage today by the UPS or Fedex delivery person! I'm very happy to see it in print.

Four years ago Karen Gettman from Addison-Wesley approached me about writing a book. Initially I wanted to write "Intrusion Detection and Incident Response Illustrated," but I decided to wait until I felt I was ready.

At Black Hat last year, I met my editor Jessica Goldstein from Addison-Wesley. I presented the proposal I had worked on all of the previous night. About a month later I signed a contract, and by March of this year submitted my draft of the text.

Now, less than a year after that Black Hat meeting, I have a copy of my book in hand. Thank you to every who assisted -- you're all in the preface!

Some of you will be getting review copies soon. I expect to see the book available from online booksellers next week, and in stores before the end of the month. Please send feedback to blog at taosecurity dot com.

Update: I asked my publisher why isn't currently selling my book at a discount. She wrote:

"Amazon is having a data feed problem, and that is why your book isn't discounted. Many new books on Amazon are showing for list price, which is incorrect. They are working with the vendor who is sending them the bad data and are trying to get it fixed."

Expect to see the price drop at shortly.

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