Thursday, July 22, 2004

Install Guide for Sguil 0.5.0 Posted

After installing a self-contained Sguil 0.5.0 installation on a new laptop, I updated my Sguil installation guide for Sguil 0.5.0. The new guide takes into account the merging of xscriptd's functions into sensor_agent.tcl and sguild.

I also caught a problem with the databases/mysqltcl FreeBSD port. By default the Makefile requires mysql323-client as a dependency, but I recommend changing that to mysql40-client to keep all components running MySQL 4.0.20.

Changes like these are the reason I didn't explain how to install Sguil in my book. As Sguil progresses towards a 1.0 release, a lot will change under the hood. The user interface and method of operation will remain stable, so I describe those features in my book.

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