Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Review of Network Security Hacks Posted just posted my four star review of Network Security Hacks. My review probably sounds a little harsher than I intended, but I was worn down trying to get SPADE to integrate with a version of Snort newer than 2.0.5. The review mentions finding Spade 030125.1 on a Polish student's FTP site, which seems to be the only place it exists, aside from an old copy. It seems the snort.conf v. 1.85 is the last to include SPADE directions in its text, even though the contrib directory has a really old SPADE version (Spade-092200.1.tar.gz), from Sep 00. Anyway, from the review:

"'Network Security Hacks' (NSH) has something for nearly everyone, although it focuses squarely on Linux, BSD, and Windows, in that order of preference. Administrators for commercial UNIX variants (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc.) should be able to apply much of the book's advice to their environments, but they are not the target audience. NSH is written for admins needing quick-start guides for common security tools, and in this respect it delivers."

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