Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Review of Hacking Exposed: Windows 2003 Posted just posted my four star review of Hacking Exposed: Windows Server 2003. From the review:

"HE:W03 is still the best book available if you want to learn how to assess and compromise Windows servers using publicly available tools. It will not teach original exploitation techniques like coding exploits, although this is usually unnecessary when admins deploy stock servers with blank administrator passwords. The authors are experts when it comes to performing pen tests of Windows targets, even though they are unapologetic Windows fans. (Page 195 bears the quote "command-line brain damage of Linux.") Their bias is also apparent as they question the applicability of the word "monopoly" to Microsoft (a legal fact); this isn't surprising given the authors' employers. Their bias also colors their judgment in the introduction, where they propose that security is a zero sum game between security and usability. Attitudes like that can no longer cover for Microsoft's security lapses."

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