Sunday, June 13, 2004

Review of Malware Posted

Months after I received a review copy of Ed Skoudis' Malware, I finally read and reviewed it. From the review:

"One of the impressive aspects of this book is the degree to which it is "future-proofed." Ed looks at current threats like worms, viruses, trojans, and user- and kernel-mode rootkits, like any author might. He then takes malicious software to the next level, from the kernel to BIOS and finally to CPU microcode. These BIOS- and microcode-level attacks are still largely theoretical (aside from BIOS-destroying code), at least as far as the public knows. When the world sees these threats emerge, "Malware" will be waiting to explain their capabilities."

I'd like to add a few Web sites to the many Ed mentions in his book. and are good references for information on CPU microcode issues.

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