Sunday, February 15, 2004

Live CDs for the Rest of Us

Not everyone wants to use a Linux-based live CD like Knoppix. I mentioned various live CD projects last year, but hadn't tried any but Knoppix until today.

Slashdot informed of Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE), a Windows-based live CD. I downloaded the software and created a Windows Server 2003-based .iso image using the evaluation copy Microsoft sent me. I tested the .iso within VMWare on my FreeBSD 5.2 REL laptop. It seemed to work fine.

I decided to give FreeSBIE, the FreeBSD-based live CD a try. I downloaded the version which uses FreeBSD 5.2 REL and tested it within VMWare. It's impressive, with X ready to go just like Knoppix. A large screen shot follows. When 5.2.1 REL is released, I expect the FreeSBIE team to create a new .iso. I'll burn that one to CD to carry with me.