Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Review of The Art of UNIX Programming Posted just posted my four star review of The Art of UNIX Programming. From the review:

"I found histories of "UNIX vs. UNIX" and "UNIX vs the world" very informative. TAOUP presents concise explanations of licensing, RFC creation, and UNIX philosophy. I was happy to see that an open source project to which I contribute (Sguil) met many UNIX design criteria, like text-based communication between small collaborating daemons. I plan to follow TAOUP's recommendations for documentation so helpfully discussed in chapter 18 when I release the next set of Sguil guides.

TAOUP offers numerous priceless quotes from UNIX pioneers, but ESR himself offers my favorite: "Open source is what happens when code reuse gets a flag and an army." I hope UNIX advocates everywhere carry TAOUP into battle against their proprietary, monopolistic OS foes. With a few more nods to the enemy and a more balanced comparison of languages, TAOUP will be unbeatable."

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