Pre-Order The Practice of Network Security Monitoring Before Price Hike

When my publisher and I planned and priced my new book The Practice of Network Security Monitoring, we assumed the book would be about 250 pages. As we conclude the copyediting process and put print in layout format, it's clear the book will be well over 300. The current estimate is 328, but I think it could approach 350 pages.

Because of the much larger page count, the publisher and I agreed to reprice the book. The price will rise from the current list of $39.95 for paperback and $31.95 for ebook to $49.95 for paperback and $39.95 for ebook.

However, those prices will not go into effect until next Friday, June 21st. That means if you preorder at the Web site before next Friday, you will get the current lower prices. Furthermore, use preorder code NSM101 to save 30% off list. If you use NSM101 as your discount code it shows No Starch that you got word of this from me.

Those of you who already preordered have already taken advantage of this deal. Thanks for your orders!

We're still on track for publication by July 22, in time for books on hand at my new Network Security Monitoring 101 class in Las Vegas. Seats for the two editions of the class (weekend and weekday) continue to fill.

If you live in Europe or the Middle East or Africa, you may want to attend my new class in Istanbul in September. I hope the protestors and government can manage their differences in time for this great new Black Hat event!


Milca said…
I don't get it. Why the price of the ebook version is so high and why it increases with the amount of pages. Finally, why the ebook version is not included into the paper package ?
Anonymous said…
Awesome, just pre ordered your book with your code. Hope it's good.
Milca, if you buy the print edition from No Starch you get the electronic version free.

In this case, the price of the book reflects the amount of work required to create it. I've been writing this book for six months straight, basically as a part-time job on nights and weekends. It would have been economically more rewarding to have worked a real part-time job instead of writing. However, I wrote the book because I believe I have something important to share. On No Starch's part, they have supplied multiple editors, copyeditors, layout people, artists, etc., before sending anything to a printer. They have to support all these people, and this is a VERY lean and efficient operation.
Anonymous said…
Milca, you also get the ebook in a format for the Kindle, Ipad, and PDF for free when you buy the physical book. No Starch seems to be run by geeks who have common sense:

I've seen Syngress sell ebooks for the same price as the physical book. Now that is ridiculous.

BTW According to No Starch, Richard's book is now 384 pages.
Chad M said…
I hope everyone realizes that the book is "on sale" from Amazon for $25. I'm always perplexed when authors attempt to drive people to the book publisher's site, since it is always a higher price than Amazon.

just my two cents
Chad M: Amazon might be cheaper, but if you preorder the print edition there you don't get all the electronic editions as you do from No Starch.
ben said…
I'll always buy from No Starch directly over Amazon. They're a fantastic company with phenomenal support and great practices. Plus, getting the ebook free with the print works out well for me.
Milca said…
The electronic version for free with the paper version !!! That's great, I take all my comments back ! I think it's the best way to do it
Anonymous said…
We're writing about the order you placed on February 09, 2013 (Order# xxxxxxxx). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

Richard Bejtlich "The Practice of Network Security Monitoring: Understanding Incident Detection and Response"
Estimated arrival date: August 06, 2013

Say it ain't so!
I'm not sure what happened. Is that an order? Maybe there's a delay getting books from No Starch to Amazon. I'm making all my deadlines.
Anonymous said…
Yup, it's from Amazon. You're right, I guess it being limited to Amazon is a definite possibility. Looks like I'll have to wait a little longer...
Netfortius said…
Any news on the release date of the ebook?
Print books ship next week, so the ebook should be ready soon.
Anonymous said…
Awesome, I really want to read this book
Mike said…
Great book, so glad I preordered it!

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