Sunday, December 30, 2012

Five No Starch Books for Kids, Reviewed by Kids

No Starch was kind enough to send me five books for kids, which I asked my 6- and 8-year-old daughters to read. (I didn't need to "ask," really -- like my wife and I, our daughters think reading is something you have to be told "not" to do, e.g., "put the book down; we don't read at the dinner table.")

I did have to encourage my daughters to review the books. Although the older one writes book reports for school, she's not accustomed to writing reviews for books sent by publishers.

The five books, with links to the reviews, are:

I agree with my daughters: all five of these books are excellent. However, for readers of this blog who have kids, I would most strongly recommend the Python book. I would start with the book we previously reviewed, Super Scratch Programming Adventure!, and then see what your kid can do with Python.

Kudos to No Starch for publishing high quality books that teach kids skills they can use in the work place (programming), or for fun!

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In light of this post and a previous one on "Super Scratch Programming", I thought you might find this interesting: