Practical Malware Analysis Book Promotion

I'm very pleased to share news of an awesome new book titled Practical Malware Analysis by Michael Sikorski and Andrew Honig. The authors will present a Webinar on their book on Wednesday 29 February at 2 pm eastern. I was pleased to write the foreword, which ends with these words:

If the malware authors are ready to provide the samples, the authors of the book you’re reading are here to provide the skills. Practical Malware Analysis is the sort of book I think every malware analyst should keep handy. If you’re a beginner, you’re going to read the introductory, hands-on material you need to enter the fight. If you’re an intermediate practitioner, it will take you to the next level. If you’re an advanced engineer, you’ll find those extra gems to push you even higher—and you’ll be able to say “read this fine manual” when asked questions by those whom you mentor.

Practical Malware Analysis is really two books in one—first, it’s a text showing readers how to analyze modern malware. You could have bought the book for that reason alone and benefited greatly from its instruction. However, the authors decided to go the extra mile and essentially write a second book. This additional tome could have been called Applied Malware Analysis, and it consists of the exercises, short answers, and detailed investigations presented at the end of each chapter and in Appendix C. The authors also wrote all the malware they use for examples, ensuring a rich yet safe environment for learning.

Therefore, rather than despair at the apparent asymmetries facing digital defenders, be glad that the malware in question takes the form it currently does. Armed with books like Practical Malware Analysis, you’ll have the edge you need to better detect and respond to intrusions in your enterprise or that of your clients. The authors are experts in these realms, and you will find advice extracted from the front lines, not theorized in an isolated research lab. Enjoy reading this book and know that every piece of malware you reverse-engineer and scrutinize raises the opponent’s costs by exposing his dark arts to the sunlight of knowledge.

To announce the book, the publisher is running this promotion: Use discount code REVERSEIT to get 40% off Practical Malware Analysis. One week only! Free ebook with all print book purchases.

The authors also started a new blog at


Anonymous said…

I've been asking the rep at the NoStarch press at all cons I've attended in the recent past (Derbycon & Shmoocon) about a release date.

Glad it finally came.... :-)

Buy it from the publisher website....


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