Impressions: The Tangled Web

Six years ago I reviewed Michal Zalewski's first book, Silence on the Wire. Michal is a security researcher who has consistently created high-quality content for a very long time, so I was pleased to receive a review copy of his newest book The Tangled Web.

I did not read the whole book, hence I'm posting only my "impressions" here. I recommend reading this book if you want to know a lot, and I mean a lot, about how screwed up Web browsers, protocols, and related technologies truly are. Because many points of the book are tied to specific browser versions, I suspect its shelf life to degrade a little more rapidly than some other technical titles. Still, I am shocked by the amount of research and documentation Michal performed to create The Tangled Web.

As always, Michal's content is highly readable, very detailed, and well-sourced. It's a great example for other technical authors. Great work Michal!


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