Wednesday, April 13, 2011

UBM Cancels GTEC, Bejtlich Considers Alternatives

I received word this week that the venue hosting my special session of TCP/IP Weapons School 3.0 was cancelled! That means no GTEC and no extra DC class.

I'm sad to hear this because I'm receiving word from students wondering what happened.

As best I understand it, the current Federal budget situation made hosting this conference a tough prospect for the DC crowd.

At this point I'm evaluating options, including hosting a class myself. If you would be interested in attending a group class of TCP/IP Weapons School 3.0 in northern VA this year, please email training [at] taosecurity [dot] com. I think a class late in the year, hopefully during FY 2012 (so 1 Oct or later), might be the best option for Federal workers enduring budget woes.

I'd rather teach within another venue, like Black Hat, but if there's enough demand from the cancelled GTEC event I'll see what it takes to offer a solo class.

As noted on my Training site, I am teaching Two Sessions of TWS3 at Black Hat USA in Las Vegas this summer. That is another option for those who will miss the GTEC class.

I'm also still working out details to offer training at USENIX Security 2011 in San Francisco in August. I expect word from USENIX on that before the end of the month. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Richard; You may want to consider holding the class the week prior to GFY12 (before Oct 1). Keep in mind that many Govt orgs end up with money that needs to be allocated before Oct 1. Holding it after Oct 1 could result in the same problem that happened this year, the budget wasn't passed on time and very little money was available for 1Q of the FY.
This has happened to me several times over the years.

Tony said...

How about holding this class at one of the SANS conferences?

Richard Bejtlich said...

Anonymous, thanks for your input.

Tony, I'm not sure SANS would be interested! Besides, I already have an offer from a company that could host the class in DC or NoVA.