To Those Who Want Tim Thomas Books

I continue to be bombarded by questions from readers looking to buy the books by Timothy L Thomas, mentioned in my posts Review of Dragon Bytes Posted, Review of Decoding the Virtual Dragon Posted, and Review of The Dragon's Quantum Leap Posted. As you can see at, they are not available.

I hope that the spotlight I'm shining on these books helps Mr Thomas either 1) reprint the books or 2) secure a different publisher who will reprint them.

If you want to show your interest in buying these books, I recommend adding a Comment to each my reviews at saying you want to buy the books, but can't find them. I think that is the most direct and visible way to express interest.


hogfly said…
Since getting these books is extremely difficult, I wanted to chime in and let people know that in the past I was able to locate books by Mr. Thomas in the chinese studies libraries at a major University nearby. Let's hope for a new printing some time soon.
Anonymous said…
My local University has a copy which I requested through my local library through interlibrary loan.

Plus I am cheap! :)

magicked said…
My local university also has a copy. This seems to be a good way to read the books (unless we're all talking about the same university, of course. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Richard,

I very much enjoy your blog posts. Looking forward to many more :-)
Now, I had very limited success in locating books by this author at ABE Bookstore.

A simple search on resulted in two copies of Dragon Bytes. Price is far too high for my wallet, but for those who can afford it, enjoy!

Happy New Year!
Stiennon said…
I got mine from a helpful member of the CWFI group on Linkedin. He was heading to Leavenworth and picked them up for me. Essential research for my own book!
macubergeek said…
Just bought a copy on Amazon. I can say it is very very well written. I'd also refer folks to the 36 strategems:

Here is a pretty good explaination
macubergeek said…
Oh you might want to check out Tim Thomas' articles here:
darkfader said…
how about

I think it's a really nice/fair way to get things printed that people want to read.

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