Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review of The Hacker Crackdown Posted just posted my five star review of The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling. From the review:

Bruce Sterling's book The Hacker Crackdown (THC) captures the spirit and history of the "hacker scene" in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Having lived through that period with my C-64 and first 386 PC, I thought the author accurately describes what it was like for computer users during that era. THC is one of my favorite books on hacker activity because it combines a narrative with the author's accounts of interactions with key individuals. THC expertly tells several stories from multiple perspectives -- hacker, law enforcement, security professional, telecom operator, even homeless man-on-the-street! The author also manages to not offend technically-minded readers while describing material for non-technical audiences.


Jimmy said...

Good to see that these old books is still read.
A suggestion of next books to read could be:
* Fatal System Error: The Hunt For The New Crime Lords Who Are Bringing Down The Internet by Joseph Menn
* At large: The strange case of the world's biggest Internet invasion by David Freedman & Charles Mann
* The watchmen: The twisted life and crimes of serial hacker Kevin Poulsen by Jonathan Littman
* Confessions of teenage hackers by Dan Verton
* Black Ice ; The invisible threat of cyber-terrorism by Dan Verton

Just to mention some of the ones in our shelves

Richard Bejtlich said...

Yes, I plan to read the first three and already read the last two.

Ironwoodtree said...

I really recommend Fatal System Error. It's about the online casino DOS attacks as well as the growth of the Russian mob. I remember a lot of the incidents and it seems to be pretty accurate.

Anonymous said...

The watchmen is outstanding!!! I can't believe it doesn't garner more attention. Of the hackers that got caught, he was probably the best.