Historical Video on AFCERT circa 2000

I just uploaded a video that some readers might find entertaining. This video shows the United States Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT) in 2000. Kelly AFB, Security Hill, and Air Intelligence Agency appear. The colonel who leads the camera crew into room 215 is James Massaro, then commander of the Air Force Information Warfare Center. The old Web-based interface to the Automated Security Incident Measurement (ASIM) sensor is shown, along with a demo of the "TCP reset" capability to terminate TCP-based sessions.

We have a classic quote about a "digital Pearl Harbor" from Winn Schwartau, "the nation's top information security analyst." Hilarious, although Winn nails the attribution and national leadership problems; note also the references to terrorists in this pre-9/11 video. "Stop the technology madness!" Incidentally, if the programs shown were "highly classified," they wouldn't be in this video!

I was traveling for the AFCERT when this video was shot, so luckily I am not seen anywhere...


Anonymous said…
Cool video. hehe
Anonymous said…
Watched the whole video hoping to see a young(er) Bejtlich or Renfro but no joy!

Yeah, Chad had left by the time the video was recorded, if I remember correctly.
Joseph Kern said…
I've worked with the Air Force computer systems ... I wish they did look like the commercials. Just plain old Vista ... with an F-22 wallpaper, yuck.

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