Traffic Talk 7 Posted

I just noticed that my 7th edition of Traffic Talk, titled How to deploy NetFlow v5 and v9 probes and analyzers, was posted on 28 September. I submitted it back in mid-August but it's on the Web now.

On a related note, I am tech editing a forthcoming book on NetFlow by Michael Lucas titled Network Flow Analysis. Michael is probably my favorite technical author, so keep an eye open for his book in May 2010.


Netfortius said…

Have you ever looked at Luca Deri's (of ntop fame) nprobe solution? This was the first product I have been able to use to produce intra-VLAN traffic netflow data.

Hi Stefan,

Nice to hear from you. I have heard of Nprobe but never used it.
Jay Swan said…
Do you have experience with scaling open source netflow tools? Even in my decidedly medium-sized environment (only a few hundred interfaces monitored by netflow), it generates a ton of data that my low-end commercial tools have trouble dealing with. I'm wondering if open source tools would scale better.

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