VirtualBSD: FreeBSD 7.1 Desktop in a VM

Want to try FreeBSD 7.1 in a comfortable, graphical desktop, via a VMWare VM? If your answer is yes, visit and download their 1.5 GB VM. I tried it last night and got it working with VMware 1.0.8 by making the following adjustments:

Edit VirtualBSD.vmx to say

#virtualHW.version = "6"
virtualHW.version = "4"

and VirtualBSD.vmdk to say

#ddb.virtualHWVersion = "6"
ddb.virtualHWVersion = "4"

and you will be able to use the VM on VMware Server 1.0.8.

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Joe said…
This should be interesting. I'm trying to build a FreeBSD desktop at work. I find that tweaking a FreeBSD desktop is not as smooth as my Ubuntu experience.
Anonymous said…
Hey this you?
Seriously, follow the link. It's from a forlorn FreeBSD admin on Craigslist.

It sounds like something you would write. :-)
Anonymous said…
whats the pass for the root account? Cant find it on their site
Hi Anonymous,

Read the README... it's root4u

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