Happy 6th Birthday TaoSecurity Blog

Today, 8 January 2009, is the 6th birthday of TaoSecurity Blog. I wrote my first post on 8 January 2003 while working as an incident response consultant for Foundstone. 2339 posts (averaging 390 per year) later, I am still blogging.

I don't have any changes planned here. I plan to continue blogging, especially with respect to network security monitoring, incident detection and response, network forensics, and FreeBSD when appropriate. I especially enjoy reading your comments and engaging in informed dialogues. Thanks for joining me these 6 years -- I hope to have a ten year post in 2013!

Don't forget -- today is Elvis Presley's birthday. Coincidence? You decide.

The image shows Elvis training with Ed Parker, founder of American Kenpo. As I like to tell my students, Elvis' stance is so wide it would take him a week to react to an attack. Then again, he's Elvis.

I studied Kenpo in San Antonio, TX and would like to return to practicing, along with ice hockey, if my shoulders cooperate!

Richard Bejtlich is teaching new classes in DC and Europe in 2009. Register by 1 Jan and 1 Feb, respectively, for the best rates.


test said…
There are no such things as coincidences!

Congratulations on the anniversary, I always enjoy reading your posts.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
Happy B-Day! Keep all the good posts coming. This along with ISC are two of the blogs I read religiously.
akr4m said…
Happy Beshday Tao Security, keep on the good articles coming yo and thanks for sharing all these years!

Chris Buechler said…
Nice work over the years, Richard. Keep it up!
Ken Pryor said…
Congrats on the birthday! I always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to every new post. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday...

digital-in said…
Happy birthday !
A french reader.
Endace said…
Congratulations, Richard. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Tao,

An avid reader.
Eric Jernigan said…
Happy Birthday Tao, you don't look a day over 'four.' Belated birthday wishes...Elvis
Unknown said…

Over the years your blog, your books, and your book reviews/reading recommendations have helped me grow from a fresh out of college help desk newbie to an experienced security engineer. I know I am not alone in saying that we appreciate the time you put into giving back to the community.

Happy 6th Birthday!

Anonymous said…
In fact,
Taosecurity Blog being just a little part of what Bejtlich have done for the community has been of incredible help to a lot of security newbies and veterans around the world.

I just dont want to miss the opportunity to say [ Thank You ], for all the time that you Richard have spent posting, writing books and giving great presentations. You are one of the most important authors that have affected my security education and hope that remains for more years to others as well.

Happy Birthday TaoSecurity Blog
Anonymous said…
Richard - Thats quite a milestone from where I'm standing. Well done! I continue to be impressed with both the quality and quantity of your blog posts! Rock on ;-).
Anonymous said…
Congrats and happy belated bday. I've enjoyed reading - Keep the posts coming!

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