Contract BSD Associate-or-better FreeBSD Sys Admin

I am looking to hire a FreeBSD system administrator, with BSD Associate or better experience, for long-term contract work.

My team operates a small number of Network Security Monitoring (NSM) sensors running FreeBSD and open source tools. We plan to expand our sensor deployment from the low double digits to the high double digits, and perhaps the low triple digits.

The ideal candidate will be able to examine our current deployment and suggest improvements for our next generation NSM platform.

He or she will implement a simplified software installation process, with the idea that the NSM platform should be an in-house "appliance."

He or she must be able to properly select, configure, test, and maintain software deployed on FreeBSD.

The ideal candidate has experience administering large numbers of FreeBSD systems, with emphasis on keeping software up-to-date in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Although you will be working within the security team, the candidate does not need security experience. We are looking for system administration experience, although familiarity with open source security tools is a plus. We want a professional sys admin, rather than a security professional.

The candidate does not need to be located in the United States, but he or she must be fluent in English and comfortable working with a geographically distributed team. Preference will be given to qualified candidates who are willing to work in Cincinnati, Ohio (US).

If you are interested, please send your resume to taosecurity at gmail dot com.

Richard Bejtlich is teaching new classes in DC and Europe in 2009. Register by 1 Jan and 1 Feb, respectively, for the best rates.


Anonymous said…
What would be the salary and how much work per day is it needed? Or do you prefer to work by project and pay by project?

I ask here because maybe other people too may find these questions important.
Hi Ciprian,

I haven't determined the salary yet. This would be ongoing work, not on a per-project basis. If I could simply hire a sys admin as an employee I would, but I don't have that option right now. So, I'm looking for a contractor.

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