Dark Visitor Podcast: Real "Truth About Chinese Hackers"

I just listened to the first edition of the Dark Visitor Podcast. You may remember my February post titled Review of The Dark Visitor, where I discussed a book by the The Dark Visitor Blog author Scott Henderson. In the podcast, fellow blogger Jumper speaks with Henderson (aka "Heike" on the blog) about various issues related to Chinese hackers. The pair make it clear that they base their posts on "open sources," meaning information available to anyone with a Web browser and an understanding of the Chinese language.

Chinese hackers are a hot topic. The latest Information Security Magazine features a "face-off" between Marcus Ranum and Bruce Schneier on the subject. I think you would learn more reading the Dark Visitor Blog regularly. For example, they responded directly to Bruce Schneier's thesis.

I think anyone who likes my blog will enjoy listening to this new podcast. If anyone knows of a similar English-language site covering Russian and/or east European hackers, please let me know.


Anonymous said…

Once again, thank you so much. You were the very first person to give our small blog recognition.

There are few people, like yourself, who take the time to promote others and it is greatly appreciated!

If it had not been for Richard, I doubt that there would be 1/2 a dozen people reading our website.

Scott (Heike) The Dark Visitor
Anonymous said…
dancho danchev is a brilliant threat analyst, and indeed has excellent insight of the russian "scene", particularly the new media malware gang, aka (or not) russian business network.


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