Monday, February 04, 2008

Review of Beginning Perl, 2nd Ed Posted just posted my five star review of Beginning Perl, 2nd Ed by James Lee. From the review:

I read Beginning Perl, 2nd Ed (BP2E) to gain some familiarity with Perl 5. I do not plan to really write anything in Perl, but I find myself using other people's code quite a bit! In those situations I would like to know how the code works. I also enjoy being able to make small changes if the code does not work as expected. Perl is basically everywhere, so it pays to understand it to some degree.

Later this year Apress will publish Beginning Perl 6, the 3rd Ed of this book, also by James Lee. I hope to read that too.


Roman said...

Hi Richard,

I am curious if you have also read the perennial beginning Perl books (Learning Perl aka Llama Book; Intermediate Perl aka Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules) and if so, how does this book compare with those?


Richard Bejtlich said...

Sorry, I did not read them. I saw them in the bookstore and I liked this one however.

Keydet89 said...


If you've got any Perl questions, "I'll be your huckleberry." ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard
i ask if you know about a pen testing books perl specific

Richard Bejtlich said...