Two Book Reviews Posted just published my five star review of Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd Ed by Michael Lucas. From the review:

Almost five years ago I reviewed Absolute BSD, Michael Lucas' first book on FreeBSD. I gave that book five stars, back when several other BSD books provided competition. On the eve of 2008, I am happy to say that Michael Lucas is probably the best system administration author I've read. I am amazed that he can communicate top-notch content with a sense of humor, while not offending the reader or sounding stupid. When was the last time you could physically feel yourself getting smarter while reading a book? If you are a beginning to average FreeBSD user, Absolute FreeBSD 2nd Ed (AF2E) will deliver that sensation in spades. Even more advanced users will find plenty to enjoy. also just published my five star review of Linux Firewalls by Mike Rash. From the review:

Disclaimer: I wrote the foreword for this book, so obviously I am biased. However, I am not financially compensated for this book's success.

In the foreword I note that Linux Firewalls is a "great book." As a FreeBSD user, Linux Firewalls is good enough to make me consider using Linux in certain circumstances! Mike's book is exceptionally clear, organized, concise, and actionable. You should be able to read it and implement everything you find by following his examples. You will not only learn tools and techniques, but you will be able to appreciate Mike's keen defensive insights.

Are you seeing a trend here? In October I reviewed Security Data Visualization from No Starch and my Wish List has several other No Starch titles on it. Nice work No Starch!


Anonymous said…
I just placed an order for Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd Ed... Thanks for your review!

You're right, No Starch has really stepped up, and appear to be cranking out some quality books now. Hopefully they can keep it up.
PaulM said…
I read Mike Rash's book last month, and I second your recommendation. This book is significant because it's the first book on Linux firewalls in several years to introduce significantly new material.

Anybody already using iptables as their firewall in an academic or SMB environment should read this book.
Unknown said…
Linux Firewalls is an excellent book that I am in the middle of. Your cover quote still gives me chuckles every time I read it, especially with how creative it is. :)

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