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Over three years ago I blogged about my Dyson vacuum cleaner. 99.9% of all of my posts are about digital security, but I know some of you are still looking for holiday presents for that certain someone. My wife bought me the new DC-16 for my birthday.

That's right, a vacuum for my birthday. Take a look at the picture of this thing and tell me it is not awesome. I dare you. Don't believe? Forget the perpetually clogged, nasty "filter" on my old Dustbuster. The DC-16 has a canister that I empty. The DC-16 also has a trigger, not a power button. It looks even more weaponized when the crevice tool is attached instead of the combination accessory tool (pictured above).

Don't let the crybaby reviewers dismay you. Sure, it would be nice to be able to have a second battery pack for swappable charging. However, if you're draining the battery regularly it's a sign you need to pull out your regular vacuum and not rely on a handheld. I've never drained the battery cleaning up after our kids.

I expect to see the DC-16 appear in homemade sci-fi videos on YouTube any time now.


Unknown said…
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who looked at this and said "movie prop"! I let the kids see this in a magazine and they immediately wanted one to start chasing each other around the house.

I thought about asking for one for Christmas, now I almost wish I had.

John Ward said…
Yeah, for your one product review (outside of books), it swayed my decision to buy a Dyson, which I love. Not sure I need the handheld unit thought, but if the need arises, I know what to get

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