Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Human Weapon

In FISMA Dogfights I mentioned my favorite show on the History Channel is Dogfights. A very close second, if not an equal, is the new series Human Weapon. I don't recall another regular television series devoted exclusively to martial arts. If you wonder why I bother posting about a martial arts show, see my post Fight to Your Strengths.

On a related subject, based on other stories in the security blogosphere, I expect to see a martial arts rumble at the next Black Hat in 2008. I better get my shoulder fixed and start training again.


John Ward said...

Don't worry Rich, you can always get me to proxy for you ;)

Graycat said...

I caught my first episode of Human Weapon the other week and loved it! It was the one when the were learning eskrima and boy were they brave to get in a "ring" with that lad.

Anonymous said...

Check out 'Rallarving', a Swedish MA series.
It can be downloaded from the usual torrent sites.