Tuesday, February 06, 2007

NoVA BUG Founded

If you visit www.novabug.org or novabug.blogspot.com, you'll see I just created the northern Virginia BSD users group.

Two years ago I expressed interest in helping with this organization, but someone else registered novabug.org and did nothing with the name or concept.

Following in the modest success of NoVA Sec, I thought it was time to create a BSD users group for the technical professionals in this area. I'll be looking for an organization to host our first meeting, probably in March. If you are interested in participating in these low-key yet high-value gatherings of like-minded BSD users, please leave a comment at the NoVA BUG blog. I think we'll be able to recruit someone to host a mailing list fairly soon. Thank you!


Shirkdog said...

Looks like there is a MD Bug, that is thinking about going with CAP Bug.


J. Dimsdale said...

Great Idea, I'll be attending! Look forward to seeing the rest of you there


Richard Bejtlich said...

Mike and Jason from MD BUG just emailed me. I sent this response:

Thanks for writing. It looks like we both decided to get something going in our respective locales. I think that's a good sign for BSD!

I think Bethesda (and definitely Columbia) is too far for the people who have been attending our sister NoVA Sec meetings, so I think keeping a separate NoVA option for BSD users is a good idea. However, I think it would be good to cooperate on initiatives beyond meetings, like installfests or half/full-day free seminars on BSD topics.

I will join your list and I invite you to join ours when operational. :)