Sunday, November 05, 2006

Review of Hack the Stack just posted my three star review of Hack the Stack by Michael Gregg, et al. From the review:

I teach a course called "TCP/IP Weapons School" that involves walking students up the OSI model. We look at network traces generated by tools and techniques to defeat security measures. When I saw "Hack the Stack" (HTS) I thought it might make a good resource for my class, since HTS seemed to advocate a similar approach. Unfortunately, technical errors, shoddy production, internal repetition and poor organization, and a lack of original material make me question the value of HTS...

Overall, I think there is room for a book like HTS. It's too bad this one did not deliver what I was expecting. I do appreciate the authors citing my network security monitoring methodology on p 232.

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James said...

I liked the concept and the manner in which the material was presented. The books takes the 7 layer model and adds one more for people, this made sense to me.