Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ISSA NoVA Meeting Next Thursday

The next ISSA NoVA meeting will take place 1730 Thursday 16 Nov 06 at Oracle Corp in Reston, VA. Marcus Sachs will be the guest speaker. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Unfortunately a new NoVA Snort Users Group decided to ignore this meeting of 100+ security practitioners by scheduling their first meeting at exactly the same time. Hopefully future NoVA SUG meetings will take a look at their surroundings before scheduling future events or at least respond to posts about their group.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the scheduling conflict is unfortunate. I'm still debating on which event to attend. If the ISSA speaker wasn't interesting I'd probably skip that one.

Da Kahuna said...

It is unforutnate that Marcus's appearance was rescheduled. I will be out of town on business on the 16th. Maybe I wil see if I can't get someone to tape it for me.

Richard Bejtlich said...

da kahuna,

What do you mean -- do you mean Marcus will NOT be speaking at ISSA NoVA? How do you know?

Thank you.

Guy Barry said...
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Mike Guiterman said...


I apologize to everyone for the scheduling conflict. For future events I'll work with all Snort Users Groups to ensure that there isn't a conflict with other events like ISSA meetings.

Mike Guiterman
Snort Community Manager
Sourcefire, Inc.