Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Public Class Only Two Weeks Away

My only public Network Security Operations class scheduled for 2006 begins in two weeks. The class is almost full, but I have a few seats left. I've published new prices:

  • Register by 5 June 2006: $2595/student

  • Register by noon on 12 June 2006: $2695/student

I will not be able to accept any more students past noon on Monday 12 June.

ISSA members receive a 10% discount.

This week I will also teach a one day course on Network Security Monitoring with Open Source Tools at the USENIX 2006 Annual Technical Conference in Boston, MA on Friday, 2 June 2006. This is the course to attend if you want to learn the essential components of network security monitoring. We will use tools on my Sguil VM in this class.

Later this summer I will teach a brand new, two day course called TCP/IP Weapons School at USENIX Security 2006 in Vancouver, BC on 31 July and 1 August 2006. Are you a junior security analyst or an administrator who wants to learn more about TCP/IP? Are you afraid to be bored in routine TCP/IP classes? TCP/IP Weapons School is the class you need to take!

Finally, some of you have asked if I might offer courses on the weekend. I am considering a few options.

  1. Teach two two-day courses on weekends, with one course on Saturday-Sunday of week one and a second course on Saturday-Sunday of week two. Students could choose to end either or both classes.

  2. Teach on one day of the weekend -- probably Saturday, for two or four weeks.

These would be public classes in northern Virginia, probably Fairfax.

For 2007 I am considering offering public classes in one or more of the following locations: northern VA, New York city, Silicon Valley, San Antonio. Do you have any comments on these locations?


Kyle said...

San Antonio would be a great location and could pick up folks from Dallas and Houston as well.

John Ward said...

Well lets see.... I've only been asking you for years to teach a class down in the South West, preferably San Antonio. So I think you know my take on that one.

If you make it down this way, let me know if your up for a round of Golf. I do a pretty good Dorf impression, and my score makes for some of the best comedy out there ;)

Joe said...

Silicon Valley please.

PS. Silicon Valley != San Francisco

Anonymous said...

San Antonio, please please please!

Chris Byrd said...

How about online?

I'd love to attend one of your training programs, and you offer unique material and ideas that no one else is teaching. Unfortunately I doubt you are getting to St. Louis, MO anytime soon. I realize that some of the value is lost online, but with careful selection of the presentation platform I'm sure that it could be handled. Labs might even still be done through SSH connections and if needed FreeNX sessions to your VMs.

If it were presented on a Saturday-Sunday two week format that you mentioned, my work would save in both travel and time away.

What do you think?

Doug said...

I'm signed up for the TCP/IP Weapons School in Vancouver. Since I live in the Vanouver area, I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

I've never taken a class through USENIX before. Is there any document provided at the end to prove that the student has completed the class? (I'm trying to see if my company will reimburse the tuition).

Thank you much.

Richard Bejtlich said...

Hi Doug,

I think if you ask USENIX they will help you out. If not, I can create something from TaoSecurity for you -- a certificate of attendance at least.

Richard Bejtlich said...

Hi Chris,

I have had inquiries regarding some sort of Web-based training. I will consider it. If I find a technology that really delivers well, I will try at least one Web-based class. Have you used anything that seemed to work well?

Doug said...

A "Marketing and Conference Assistant" from USENIX responded to my inquiry about whether they will provide a document of completion to students. She responded, saying that USENIX does not provide anything upon completion. You just get the tutorial materials and your confirmation when you check in - nothing to prove that you actually took the tutorial.

If you would provide a certificate of attendance, that would be a big help to me personally.

If my company reimburses my tuition, I'll forward the money as a donation to the OpenBSD/OpenSSH projects.

Richard Bejtlich said...


Please send me an email with your name and company and I will create a certificate.

taosecurity at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...
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