Friday, September 30, 2005

Last Days to Register for ShmooCon 2006 for $75

Today and tomorrow (1 October) are the last days to register for ShmooCon 2006 for $75. The conference will be held in Washington, DC on 13-15 January 2006. Starting 2 October the price doubles to $150. This is a very innovative conference that you simply cannot beat for the price. I will attend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder - all signed up and looking forware to Shmoocon 2006!!!!

Joe said...


How is the weather in DC in January? I could check weather sites, but I'd rather ask someone who has been there.

Richard Bejtlich said...

Hi Joe,

It's not too bad. It's winter, which means there is a potential for snow. The most snow I remember in a single winter over the last three years was three days' worth. It's nothing like Massachusetts, where I grew up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

DC is usually good for one decent snow-dump every year. It'll be enough to bring the snow-plows out. For January, be more prepared for snow-mush or maybe a light 1/2 inch of snow.
A good jacket and a sweater with some gloves will be fine. Besides, you'll be in the hotel hacking away.
Sean C.