FreeBSD 5.4 Schedule Updated

This weekend the FreeBSD 5.4 Release Schedule was updated to reflect "facts on the ground." The candidate earlier labelled "PRERELEASE" is now noted as "5.4-BETA1", and the comments state:

"First public test release build. Note that the release build name is 5.4-BETA1 but RELEASE name remains 5.4-PRERELEASE. This is because the name BETA often confuses the users who are using the STABLE branch."

"5.4-RC1" is slated for 31 March, but then we read the "First release candidate" is scheduled for 2 April. 5.4 is listed as having a 19 April availability date.

This information is a lot more specific than what I see from most commercial operating systems. :)


Anonymous said…
The gap between March 31st and April 2nd isn't a mistake: RC1 will consist of the code which is in the CVS tree on March 31st, but the RC1 announcement won't be sent out until April 2nd to allow time for the builds to be performed and for the ISO images to reach all or most of the mirrors.
Thanks for the clarification Colin!

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