Ethereal Development and Support News

I just noticed that Ethereal 0.10.0 was released Friday. It fixes several security and reliability bugs, so an upgrade is warranted. While perusing the Ethereal home page I noticed news on Ethereal training by Ethereal Software. The classes include:

- Ethereal Essentials 1 (two days): Introduction to Ethereal and network troubleshooting

- Ethereal Essentials 2 (three days): Advanced network troubleshooting with Ethereal

- Development Using Ethereal (three days): Coming soon!

The second and third classes look very interesting.

So who is Ethereal Software? Their site says they were "formed by Network Integration Services to provide value-added services for the Ethereal network protocol analyzer." There is no name associated with either Ethereal Software or NIS, but the contact phone number and street addresses belong to Ethereal founder Gerald Combs.

I confirmed this by looking at these results from This is a cool Web site where those who need help with open source software can hire those who provide commercial support.


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