Snort 2.3.0 Released

Snort 2.3.0 has been released. There appear to be only bug fixes and documentation updates since RC2 arrived last month. At the moment the online manual still shows 2.2.0, but the .pdf packaged with the tarball is the 2.3.0 version. I have not seen any problems with RC2, so I believe the upgrade process should be smooth.

I will get to work on an updated Sguil installation guide shortly, as I've accumulated enough minor fixes to warrant an update.

In related news, Sourcefire was named Frost & Sullivan’s 2005 Network Security Infrastructure Protection Company of the Year. From the announcement:

"Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to the company that demonstrated excellence in all operations. Sourcefire is recognized for its numerous achievements including unique product strategy, important technological developments, and significant gain in market share."

Congratulations Sourcefire!


Anonymous said…
I anxiously await your updated installation guide. Anything that can be done to make it easier for the end user to start effectively managing the security of his network is a good thing. sguil helps get the user there, but I think that there is much that can be done to make it easier to get up and running.

After getting snort, and my firewall rules setup, I have a little bit of fear for the long set of instructions it takes to get sguil up and running properly. It's all part of the business, I guess.

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