More Tools for Network Security Monitoring

The February issue of Sys Admin magazine features a new article I wrote titled More Tools for Network Security Monitoring. It discusses Edwin Groothuis' Dhcpdump, Matt Shelton's Passive Asset Detection System (PADS), and John Curry's Security Analyst Network Connection Profiler (SANCP).

On a related note, the January 2005 issue of Information Security magazine mentions this blog, along with two others (Bruce Schneier and Mikko Hypponen), as reader favorites. Thank you to the anonymous contributor who said "Richard Bejtlich provides some of the best insights into network security... his blog has given me an ongoing extension to his book." Some of my favorite blogs include Aaron Higbee and friends, Chris Reining, David Bianco, Anton Chuvakin, Dru Lavigne, and Beau Monday.


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